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Ethical painting restoration & conservation for private clients & institutions

Conservation and restoration treatments which comply with museum standards of minimal intervention and maximum reversibility

  • cleaning traditional & modern paintings

  • repair of damage to canvas & solid supports, including lining

  • specialist retouching - imitative, tonal, tratteggio

  • photography & documentation

  • technical examination - microscopy, IR, UV, x-ray, cross-sections, paint sampling & analysis

  • framing & display advice


  • exhibition condition checks & reports

  • condition surveys & documentation

  • bespoke care management plans

  • framing, handling, environment, storage & transport advice


Conservation, art history, material studies



National Army Museum

Westminster School

Corporation of London

Guildhall Art Gallery

October Gallery

Donald Insall Associates - Mansion House Project

British Council

Charles Dickens Museum, London

River & Rowing Museum, Henley

Lord Barnard, Raby Castle

Private & commercial clients

  • art historical research, including provenance

  • technique, attribution & authenticity

  • avenues of further expertise & support

 selected projects 

Westminster School: cleaned, conserved and retouched a 16th-century portrait of Queen Elizabeth I on panel - part of a planned programme of rolling conservation I devised after surveying the School’s collection of over 200 paintings.


National Army Museum: in 2008 I cleaned, conserved and retouched the iconic ‘saved for the nation’ Portrait of General Wolfe (1760) by J S C Schaak (fl.1760-70).


River and Rowing Museum: surface cleaned and consolidated an early Cubist-inspired collage of oil paint, string and sand on canvas, String Solo [c.1934?] by John Piper (1903-1992).


Raby Castle, co. Durham: full conservation, restoration and research (including attribution) of a previously unknown 1671 portrait of Lady Frances Vane by John Michael Wright (1617-1694).


Corporation of London, Mansion House: documented, conserved and restored 18 paintings from the Lord Mayor’s residence, including 8 treated in situ in the Egyptian Hall, accessed from scaffolding.


Guildhall Art Gallery: documented, conserved and restored The Relief of Gibraltar, 11 October 1782 by Richard Paton and Lord Rodney Breaking the French Line Off Dominica, 12 April 1782 by Robert Dodd (after Paton).


York Art Gallery: retouched The Honourable Lady Stanhope and the Countess of Effingham as Diana, and her companion (1765) by Francis Cotes.


Burghley House, Lincs.: part of a team who cleaned and retouched ceiling murals by Louis Laguerre (1663-1721) in the Bow Room.

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