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Although frequently asked about the "most famous" or "most valuable" painting I have conserved, the most interesting, rewarding projects are often modest in reputation and monetary value. The fascination of the job lies in seeing the creative and physical history of each picture emerge as I  study its textures, layers of paint, cracks and brushstrokes in great detail.


I graduated in art history from the University of Auckland and subsequently completed a year-long internship in the Paintings Conservation Department at the Auckland Art Gallery. There I worked under the supervision of its senior conservator, Don Murchison (ex-CIC). The Gallery has a wonderful collection of works by immigrant and New Zealand-born artists including Frances Hodgkins (1869-1947) and Colin McCahon (1919-1987).

I graduated with an MA in the Conservation of Easel Paintings (based at Gateshead) from Northumbria University in 1989. Since 1991 I have been a freelance conservator to  museums, galleries, local authorities, private collectors, families and contemporary artists.


image © Lara Platman

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